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Our vision is "People Matter Do Good." Our people are the heart of our vision and as a social enterprise, Agoge's core purpose for making money is to do good. Read more here.

What we do
Forklift training to truck licences; looking for a job or need staff? We can help! We do training and recruitment for the transport, logistics, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.
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Agoge's Story
Three Tips to Inspire Your Creative Genius
What do you do when you’re at your wits’ end with the Public Transport system? If you’re Tomáš Moravec, you create an entirely new way to get from A-B. The Slovakian man’s transformation of a wooden palette into a makeshift skateboard has become an internet sensation. At Agoge we believe everyone has the potential for this kind of quirky creativity – below are three tips to help you unleash yours. 1. Question Everything Just like Moravec and the tram rails, for creativity to flow, you have to question the conventional. Children don’t shy away from asking “why?” and by regaining...
FAQ: Working for a Recruitment Agency
Discover all you need to know about working for an agency, and why Agoge could be the right fit for you. Still got questions? Head over to our Facebook page and private message us, or give us a call 0800 42 46 43 - we’d love to help. What is a Recruitment Agency? A recruitment agency, as the name suggests, does just that: Recruitment. Companies use a recruitment agency to find the best people for them; which frees them up to focus on running their business. What’s the difference between working at a job through an agency and being directly...
Should an 11 year old be allowed to buy a pincushion?
Pincushions are rarely considered controversial, but when high street retailer Marks and Spencer declared the product "too dangerous" to sell, the humble sewing accessory became the subject of heated debate. During a Christmas shopping outing, 11 year old Heather Gibson couldn’t believe it when shop assistants told her that she couldn't buy her 84 year old grandmother a pincushion. The store explained that because Heather was under 18, the sharp pins in the cushion posed a Health and Safety threat, forcing the young girl to leave empty-handed. In cases like this it can be easy to believe that Health and...
To legally operate a forklift in New Zealand you need to be certified, whether thats just an OSH certificate or an F endorsement too. At Agoge, we make sure you are compliant. Learn more...
We offer NZ Transport Agency approved heavy truck licencing, with courses as little as three days! Class 2, class 4, and class 5 licence courses are offered, from learners through to full licence. Learn more...
What do I need to drive a Forklift in NZ?
Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas, either it moves on: wheels, tracks, or rollers. To operate any of these you are required to have a W, T or R endorsement. Learn more...
Anyone transporting large quantities of dangerous or hazardous goods by road in New Zealand needs a dangerous goods 'D' endorsement. It is required even to carry shampoo in large amounts! Learn more...
Looking for staff?
People are the key drivers to a successful business. So it's critical that you get the right people for the right job at the right time. We'll place the right people to fit into your culture - guaranteed.
From warehouse to delivery, permanent to temporary staff, we focus totally on your needs. All of our systems, processes and recruitment techniques are geared towards finding the right staff, with the right skills that fit into your culture.
Learn more about how Agoge can help...
We have efficient Truck Drivers, Couriers, Dispatch Workers and many other temp and relief staff skilled in road transport operations.
We pick great Forklift Operators, Process Workers, Devanners, Team Leaders, Operations Support and other staff for warehousing, logisitics and supply chain roles.
We deliver great Concrete Truck Drivers, Tipper Operators, STMS Roller Digger Load Operators, Dispatchers and Labourers to great companies.
Looking for work?
We specialise in matching great people with great jobs... temporary or permanent, we can connect you with a great NEWJOB. If you're looking for work, need a change, maybe a pay rise? You're at the right place! The job categories that we service are:
  • Driving jobs - all classes
  • Dispatch positions
  • Courier positions
  • Forklift Operator jobs
  • Warehouse positions
  • Devanning jobs
  • Support positions
Do these roles sound like the change you're looking for? To see what we currently have available click here, and send your CV in to apply.